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I write essays, criticism, and philosophy. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between literature and ethics, and in my public-facing writing, I look for the ways that theoretical questions touch ground: I think philosophy and literature offer a view of life that’s challenged and enriched by our own experiences living. I’m a 2022-2023 Emerging Critics Fellow with the National Book Critics Circle, and you can find my work in The Paris Review, The Iowa Review, Kirkus, and elsewhere.

I’m also a PhD candidate in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. I study the ways that modernist novels (and their successors) use structure and style to express an ethical perspective and position readers ethically. I focus primarily on the ethics of interpersonal relationships—how subjects encounter other subjects, recognize their singular personhood, and act with understanding and care. I see modernist formal techniques as a way of raising and responding to those ethical questions.

Before Berkeley, I studied philosophy & literature and mathematics at Swarthmore College (BA) and philosophy at Brandeis University (MA), designed math curricula for a non-profit, and worked in strategy consulting. These days, you can find me in the coffee shops of Berkeley or Cambridge, MA.

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